• STORAGE: Keep your equipment in a enclosed place, away from dust or humidity. Don’t store it neither in a garage or in a indoor backyard, or near the water. Humidity, dust and water could damage it and have an effect on its functioning.
  • ELECTRIC CABLE: Make sure that the cable and plug are in perfect conditions. Electric cables must be away from hot surfaces.
  • SCREWS AND CONNECTING CABLES: Supervise and tighten the screws on a regular basis, because due to the vibration the screws and nuts tend to loosen.
  • LUBRICATION: It’s a correct lubrication of the treadmill with silicon oil or teflon is really important. This lubrication must be performed regularly depending on its use even before the first use. The lubrication must be carried out this way: disconnect the equipment of the electricity supply (in case you have one), pull up the tapestry from the side with one hand and spread the oil on the board. Please repeat this procedure from the other lateral side. Connect the equipment to the power supply (in case you have one) und turn the „on“ button (red button) into the correct position (I), insert the security key and let the treadmill work for several minutes without any weight on it. Repeat this action on a regular basis.
    • ALLIGN THE BELT: UNPLUG THE UNIT FROM THE POWER SOURCE: UNPLUG THE POWER CORD: Due to its use, the belt can move off centre. If the belt has moved to the left, use the hex key to turn the fixed left bolt counterclockwise. Don’t tighten the belt too much in order to be able to walk. Plug the power cord, insert the key and let the treadmill work for a few minutes. Repeat this procedure until the belt is properly aligned.
    • TIGHTEN THE BELT: (if the belt slips on the treadmill when walking). UNPLUG THE POWER CORD: Using the hex key, turn both bolts 1/4 clockwise. If the belt is properly tight to walk, you must be able to pull up each side of the belt 5 or 7 cm off the platform. Be careful and maintain the belt aligned. Now plug the power cord, insert the key and walk on the treadmill a few minutes. Repeat this procedure until the belt is properly tightened.
  • CLEANING: Don’t use abrasive products. A damp cloth is enough.
  • LEVELING: If your unit is provided with levelling wheels, please adjust them in order to avoid vibrations and therefore malfunctions.


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