• STORAGE: Keep your equipment in a enclosed place, away from dust or humidity. Don’t store it neither in a garage or in a indoor backyard, or near the water.
  • Humidity, dust and water could damage it and have an effect on its functioning.
  • POWER CORD: Make sure that the cable and plug are in perfect conditions. Electric cables must be away from hot surfaces.
  • SCREWS AND CONNECTING CABLES: Supervise and tighten the screws on a regular basis, because due to the vibration the screws and nuts tend to loosen.
  • CLEANING:: Don’t use abrasive products. A damp cloth is enough.
  • LEVELING: Please use the leveling wheels in case your unit has ones in order to avoid vibrations and therefore a malcfuction.
  • LUBRICATION: The mobile parts of the machine some screws, chain transmission…) must be properly lubricated. This lubrication must be done on a regular basis and according to its use, even before the first use. Remember that the left pedal must be tightened counter clockwise. Should it be quite hard in the beginning, apply some lubricant to the thread to avoid its damage (pedal/rod).


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