* Reference picture. Technical information and accesories can vary between different versions and models.

AB Wheel (Abs exerciser).

The AB ROLLER can be easily assembled and uninstalled. The non-slip plastic finishing handles help you to have control over your workout. Moreover, the double wheel offers a better slide and at the meantime an excellent grip in any surface.

Both lower and upper abs are targeted. AB ROLLER involves all core muscles, as well as flexor muscles, hip extenders and all abdominal muscles.
Article dimensions: 25x18cm
Article weight: 0,600 kg

The best way of getting those abs and core defined. Combined with cardiovascular workout you will get a flat belly with no need of big machines.

Excellent accesory for fitness lovers, athletes or sportsmen with sculpted abdominals and developed flexibility. Beginners can work with AB ROLLER, but they should know their limit in order to avoid possible injuries and muscle strain.

Material: PP, PVC STEEL.

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