* Reference picture. Technical information and accesories can vary between different versions and models.

Wheel for abdominal workouts.

The AB Wheel is viewed as one of the most complete and challenging products for the training of abdominal muscles.

This abdominal wheel is a substitute for the usual workout with gymballs or fitballs since it improves and optimizes movement, maintening el centre of gravity on ground level. These low-height workouts maintain and improve stability, and have a direct effect on dynamic strenghth.

This is a wonderful tool for the workout of the abdominal zone and to complete other workouts destined to Core Training.

Article dimensions: 17,5 x 5,5cm
Article weight: 0,490 kg

· 18 cm-diameter Wheel.
· Handles designed for a practical and safe handling.
· Designed to improve and optimize mouvements during the workout.

Material: PP, TPR, NBR foam.

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