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Bosu for balance and weight training.

FYTTER ELASTICS patented technology has caused a revolution in the fitness training with elastic bands.
FYTTER ELASTICS for Bosu are better xertubes than the traditional ones, thanks to its safety and comfort. The elastic band is protected against wear and tear and cuts.
Get toned and defined muscles with the FYTTER ELASTICS revolutionary technology.
- Training your balance and your stomach muscles.
- Training balance and coordination.
- Training your balance and your feet, leg and torso muscles.
- Training your stomach muscles and hip flexors.
- Training the muscles in your buttocks and thighs.
Article dimensions: Ø69x7cm
Article weight: 5 kg

Balance traning for a wide range of exercises. Bosu is a half-ball with a flat base. It will help you build your core strength and balance.

Material: PP, PE.

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