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Ankle or wrist ballast weights with adjustable weights until 2 kg for each side.

Designed for muscle strenghthening in your house or at the gym.
The ballast weights are one of the best way to add resistance to lower-body workouts.
With the addition of a small load for the leg´s muscles, you will need to do more to lift and balance the weights, resulting in major returns for multiple workouts.
This product is composed of 2 Ankle/Wrist ballast weights of a maximum weight of 2 kg with 6 separate blocks of 325 grs. until 2nkgs for each.
They are made in Neoprene, a very resistant material which offer a low heat conductivity.
Article dimensions: 40x14x8cm
Article weight: 4 kg

· 2 Ankle ballast weights
· 2 kg weights
· 6 separate compartiments with weight of 325 grs. (aprox)
· Extra wide Velcro for major commodity in the fastening
· Very resistant material: Neoprene which offer low heat conductivity.

Material: Iron sand, Neoprene.

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