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Latex Resistance Bands with 3 levels of resistance.

Designed for muscle toning, rehabilitation, pilates or stretching. 3 colours with 3 resistance levels!
Article dimensions: 120x15x0,35mm (gris). Resistencia Baja
120x15x0,5mm (azul). Resistencia Media
120x15x0,6mm (negro) Resistencia Alta
Article weight: 0,110 kg
0,092 kg
0,052 kg

The main advantage is the reduced economical cost and it can be easily stored and used at home.
The band composition allows the exercise to be done on a straight-line basis with progressive resistance, varying from exercise to exercise.
Exercises are based on simple moves in progressive levels, starting with low resistance and ending with higher resistance. This method makes the repetition of the exercise possible, without getting tired.
In rehab programmes, the muscle recovery will be gradual.
It must be said that these bands are easy and fast to use anywhere. They are appropiate for everyone, with no age limits or body conditions requirements, offering a lot of advantages. In addition to muscle strengthening, a proper use of the bands will help us to have a better body control and to avoid injuries, achieving positive results in a short period of time.

Material: Latex.

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