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Adjustable PVC Jump Rope. It includes handles.

Quick adjustment, no tool needed. IAdaptable to every body shape.
Ideal for regular cardio-training.
This Jump Rope offers a regular speed training.
Resistant rubber material for a durable working life.
Moulding handle for a better grip.
Enjoy doing some aerobic exercise anywhere!
Article dimensions: 275cm.
Article weight: 0,082 kg

Skipping ropes have a lot of advantages. It is an easy exercise learnt as a child thatprovides us with less known and powerful benefits.
* The required equipment is simple: a jump rope and some space.
* It requires coordination between your feet and hands, which improves your propioceptive system.
* It helps to develop reflexes and balance (vestibular system).
*It contributes to build bone mass. Jumping generates stress in your bones and the body solidify and strengthen the bone structure. It is said that jumping rope is more efficient than calcium complements for preventing osteoporosis.
* Helps to develop speed muscle and therefore the explosive leg strength and power.
* It involves several muscles at the same time.
* As jumping rope requires coordination and balance following muscles are built up: abdominal, lumbar, hip and leg muscle, as well as other smaller stabilizer muscles.
* It is a powerful aerobic accesory which strengthens the most important muscle: your heart.

Material: PVC, ABS.

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