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FYTTER RIDER RI-M10X. 32 levels of electronic resistance. 20 kg. Flywheel.
Bluetooh compatible with APP iOS-Android (iBiking).
Stress reduction and diversion. Let's reach a 100% motivation!!!

The FYTTER RIDER RI-M10X offers an effective condition and endurance training. This allows an effective and balanced joint-friendly training. The bike is ideal as a training device also with limited spaces.
The perfect activity for reducing stress, sweating and having fun. Indoor Biking contributes not only to weight loss, it also tones the lower body, thighs and glutes, protecting the joints. This method will allow you to achieve muscular growth and muscle endurance, without losing volume.
• Material and finish are of first class quality.
• Very solid steel frame for high stability and loadability.
• Flywheel: 20 kg.
• Belt drive system.
• 32 levels of electronic resistance.
• LCD screen "Blue BackLight".
• App console with tablet holder and USB Charger. Get more from your training with iBiking+.
• Various pre-programmed trainings: Manual, beginner, advance, sporty, cardio y recovery.
• USB Charge.
• Comfortable sport seat with recess in the middle of the seat .
• Saddle adjustment: horizontal, vertical (11).
• Handlebar adjustment: horizontal, vertical (5).
• Padded arm supports.
• Heart rate measurement: hand pulse sensors.
• Anti-slip pedals with holding baskets and adjustable webbing (9/16").
• 2 Transportation wheels and floor height adjustment.

Article dimensions: 143x52x135 cm
Article weight: 50 Kg
Maxi user weight: 150 Kg
Computer_functions: 7 functions: time, speed, distance, calories, pulse, programs, RPM.
Programs: Manual mode, Beginner mode, Advance mode, Sporty mode, Cardio Mode, Revovery mode.
Flywheel: 20 kg
Resistance control: Electronically adjustable magnetic brake (1-32).
Drive system: Belt.
Handlebar control: •Adjustment of the handlebar height and depth.
Seat control: •Adjustable seat height and depth.

The FYTTER RIDER RI-M10X Ideal Cardio workout at home: Training of cardiovascular system, Increase endurance, Keep fit, lose weight and tone the skin, Stress reduction and diversion.
• App console with tablet holder. Access to the "iBiking" from your Tablet or handy, being IOS or ANDROID. This APP is free of charge for all users. You can select your desired route and cycle on it with the Street View function.
• Offers a selection of various pre-programmed trainings (Manual mode, Beginner mode, Advance mode, Sporty mode, Cardio Mode, Revovery mode) and functions: time, speed, distance, calories, pulse, programs, RPM.
• The flywheel with 22 kg. is suitable for an optimal training. There are no unpleasant vibrations.
• Is equipped with a low-noise belt drive system which transfers the power of the pedals to the flywheel optimal.
• The comfortable padded seat with the recess in the modle of the seat offers an optimal seat feeling also during longer training sessions. The pressure range is distributed optimally to the sides and relives the perineum.
• Just put your hands on the padded arm support for discharge. The additional arm supports on the handle bar also longer training sessions can be done without pain the your hands or arms.
• Handlebar and saddle are horizontally and vertically adjustable for finding the optimal sitting position.
• Pedals with metal finish: adaptable to different type of shoes.
• Anti-slip pedals with holding baskets and adjustable webbing. The pedals are equipped with anti-slip material, to avoid slipping of the feet.
• Adjustment of the handle bar and seat. Move the handle bar to the front or back to find your position. The seat can be moved in the height, horizontal for nearly each body height.
• 2 Transportation wheels and floor height adjustment. The floor height adjustment allows the installation also on uneven floors for a safe and wobble-free standing.

•—NET WEIGHT: 50 kg.
•DIMENSIONS (IN USE): 143x52x135 cm
•STORAGE: 2 wheels for transportation.
•—FLOOR LEVELLERS: 4 rear feet for a better adjustment of the level.
•FREQUENCY OF USE: 9-10 h / week.

•FLYWHEEL: 20 kg
•RESISTANCE RANGE: Electronically adjustable magnetic brake (1-32).
•TRANSMISSION: Belt drive system.
•HANDLEBAR: vertical (5-way handlebar adjustment) and horizontally.
•ADJUSTABLE SEAT: vertical (9-way saddle adjustment) and horizontal.
•SEAT QUALITY: Comfortable sport seat (recess in the middle of the seat).
•PEDALS: Aluminium (9/16"). Metallic finishing pedals with basket.
-Dimensions seat-pedal: ?
-Dimensions seat-ground: ?
-Dimensions pedal-ground: ?

-Bluetooh 4.0. Compatible with the iBiking-App for better training control, analysis, and storing. Free on google Play Store or Apple App Store (Bluetooh 4.0).
-LCD screen "Blue BackLight".
-Exercise programmes + functions.
-Support for tablet or mobile phone.
-USB Charder.
•HEART RATE MEASUREMENT: hand pulse sensors.
•SCREEN. 7 functions: time, speed, distance, calories, pulse, programs (Manual mode, Beginner mode, Advance mode, Sporty mode, Cardio Mode, Revovery mode.), RPM.

•Storage: 2 front transport wheels and 4 rear levelling legs.

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