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FYTTER RUNNER RU-09B. Semi-professional Treadmill with 4 HP motor. 20 km/h.

Train professionally at home!
* Unique FYTTER design and technology !
* Plug&run system, pre-assembly system, fast assembly.
* Supercharged 4 HP engine.
* Max. Speed 20 km/h and max. incline 15% and 15 levels electronically adjustable!
* XL Running deck (135x45 cm).
* Suspension technology FYTTER MegaSoft. Adjustable shock absorber FYTTER System.
* Support for tablet or mobile phone.
* USB Port: Play MP3 Voice file, battery charge.
* Audio input interface: play voice file in cell phone, computer or MP3 through audio link.
* Automatic folding system through an hydraulic cylinder.
* Levelling front feet for a better adjustment of the level.
* Special folding and easy moving.
* FCS folding technology saving up to 40% of space.

Article dimensions: 173x73,5x140,5 cm
Article weight: 74 kg
Maxi user weight: 120 kg
Display / Screen: DISPLAY (70x35cm).
SCREEN: 5 LED window display.
Computer_functions: Distance, calorie, time, speed, pulse, incline, program.
Programs: 18 preset programs (P1-P5 weight losing program, P6-P10 istamina reaching program, P11-P12 stamina exercising program, P13-P15 stamina remaining program, P16-P18 body recovering program.), 5 user setting programs, Body Fat.
Extra programs: "BodyFat"
Maxi use level: 10 h / week

Designed for domestic use in areas with limited storage space and for training sessions between 10 hours a week.
• Foldable treadmill for a maximum 120 kg user weight.
• Extra wide frame (135x45cm): provides strength, rigidity and endurance during the exercise.
• 4 HP powerful motor (peak): provides a quiet yet powerful speed between 1 to 20 Km/h.
• Motor with autoboost technology: allows an efficient energy use and less consumption. The incline of the belt contributes to energy consumption: a higher incline range means less energy consumption.
• Electric incline up to 15% and 15 levels: Allows significant variation in intensity of the exercise at any speed. Helps to put your leg and back muscles under load for a through workout.
• 6 elastomers shock absorbing system + SOFT SYSTEM: avoids muscle injuries and reduces the impact on your joints. The SOFT SYSTEM will absorb impacts while running, extending this way the working life of elastomers and belt.
• UVATECH (Ultra Vibration Absorber) absorbing system.
• Contact pulse measurement system: provides targets for advance training.
• Speakers and MP3 Connection: get motivated during training.
• Support for tablet or mobile phone.
• Orthopaedic belt: for a better absorbing system
• Shock Absorber Fytter system: Reduce The Vibration & Noise‎. Different users of weight matching different adjustable distance, but the user can also adjust the position of the adjustable shock absorber according to their weight to achieve the best effect of running board shock absorber.
• Bottle holder: very useful for long training sessions.
• 2 wheels for transportation: easy to move in the house.

•NET WEIGHT: 74 kg
•EQUIPMENT: Incline keys, pulse sensors and speed control on the handlebar, support for tablet or mobile phone, MP3 Connection, USB and built-in speakers, bottle holder.
•RUNNING DECK: 135x45 cm
•INCLINE: motorized 15%
•INCLINE RANGE: 15 levels of 1% + 3 instant keys (3, 6, 9).
•FREQUENCY OF USE: 10 hours/week
•SPEED: 1-20 km/h + 3 instant keys (4, 8, 12).
•DISPLAY (70x35cm): Hand pulse, USB, MP3, Built-in speakers, 3 quick speed keys (4, 8, 12), 3 quick inlcine keys (3, 6, 9), 18 preset programs, 5 user-setting programs + Body Fat.
It has a magnetic security system (security key) incorporated. It has the safety precaution function of stopping the machine in emergency.
•SCREEN: 5 LED window display.
FUNCTIONS: distance, calorie, time, speed, pulse, incline, program.
-FOLDING SYSTEM: automatic folding system using hydraulic cylinder.
-DIMENSIONS (FOLDED): 135x73,5x140,5 cm.
-DIMENSIONS (IN USE): 173x73,5x140,5 cm.
-TRANSPORT: 2 transport wheels for easy moves and storage.

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