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FYTTER TN-4X: Compact and user friendly vibration place with oscillatory, vibratory and linear 3D movements and 2 motors. Also includes a Bluetooth function to train with your favorite music.

The 3D Vibration Plate FYTTER TN-4X is especially designed to help you lose weight, tone up your muscles and keep your blood flowing. Thanks to its 2 motors (200+200W) and its 180 speed levels, it will allow you to realize side-by-side and linear movements, plus a 3D simulation. It includes a power cord, a remote control, a mat to avoid damaging the floor and reduce noise and an exercise wheel. Use the Bluetooth connection to listen to your favorite music while exercising. With the latest vibration technology, get toned up and lose weight more quickly. Choose a program or mode and get ready! The plate's base is anti-slip for safe workouts.
Article dimensions: 84x50x22 cm
Article weight: 16,5 kg
Maxi user weight: 120 kg
Programs: 5 preset programs + Bluetooh.

With this vibration plate FYTTER TN-4X with oscillatory, vibratory and linear 3D movements with two motors, you’ll be able to maintain all your muscles standing up, sitting or lying down. Choose between its manual mode and preset programmes and adapt your exercises. From the LCD Screen, monitor your speed, time and distance. The vibrations penetrate into your muscles, dissolve your fat, firm your skin and strengthen your muscles. At the same time, it promotes wound recovery and protects joints, ligaments and bones. It is therefore ideal for fast weight loss and to keep your blood flowing at the end of the day.

-BENEFITS: Its use, thanks to the tension produced by the vibrations, increases your muscle contraction with beneficial effects for the power, resistance, flexibility and strength of your muscles. The vibrations reduce muscle tension, decrease risks of osteoporosis, reduce muscle atrophy and fight off hypotonicity. It improves your blood circulation and acts on the lymphatic and anti-cellulite level.
The plate, along with good cardio training and a balanced diet, will allow you to get better and faster results.
-MOTOR: 2 powerful motors (200 + 200W) for oscillatory, vibratory and linear 3D movements and make you train all parts of your body.
-INTENSITY: Adjustable from 15 to 45 Hz. Low intensity is ideal for relaxation and strong for muscle building.
-AMPLITUDE: Oscillatory, vibratory and linear 3D movements with an amplitude from 8 to 12mm.
-STRUCTURE: Perfectly balanced, the plate is steady and strong. Can support users up to 120 kg and an intensive use.
-SCREEN: Back-light screen with basic functions such as speed, time and distance, but also with a manual mode and 5 preset programmes.
-ACCESSORIES: Remote control, mat, exercise wheel and cable to make you train your arms and shoulders.
-COMFORT: Large surface area to allow you to realize all your workouts in absolute comfort. The base is equipped with an anti-slip system for more security.
-FYTTER ENTERTAINMENT: Connect your smartphone to the Bluetooth and listen to your favorite music while exercising!
-USE: domestic

*NET WEIGHT: 16,5 kg.
*FREQUENCY OF USE: Domestic Use.
*MOTOR: Dual Motor 200W (oscillation 200W y vibration 200W)
*SURFACE: Anti-Slip surface
*MOVEMENT: Vertical, Horizontal, Vertical+Horizontal
*FREQUENCY: 15-45 Hz
*AMPLITUD: 8 - 12 mm
*VOLTAGE: AC110-220V - 50/60Hz
*SCREEN: LCD. Digital Control
*PROGRAMMES: 5 In-Built Programs.


•SCREEN: 5 preset programs.

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