* Reference picture. Technical information and accesories can vary between different versions and models.

FYTTER TRAINER TR-05R. High Perfomance Motor-assisted Rowing Machine.

The rowing machine is a complete exercise for working the upper and lower body, combining the training of the muscles and the cardiovascular workout.
* 16 stages of motorized resistance.
* fully equipped display with 13 functions (time track, distance, strokes, stroke count, heart rate, calories burnt, programmes, Watt, HRCC, temperature, date, time, user details)
* several programmes, including BodyFat (fat controller) and HRC (Programme for the heart rate control) and WATT.
* chest trap included.
* compact folding system= 40% space-saving.
* very comfortable gel coated seat with ergonomic design.
Article dimensions: 197x45x87cm
Article weight: 36 kg
Maxi user weight: 130 kg
Display / Screen: 13x6 cm blue backlight LCD screen
Computer_functions: 13 functions: time, distance, pulls per minute, total pulls, calories, programs, Watt, time, user data.
Programs: 12 training programs, 4 customizable workouts.
Extra programs: Recovery programs, WATT and ""BodyFat"".
Flywheel: 5 KG
Resistance control: Motorized resistance. 16 motorized resistance levels.
Drive system: belt
Handlebar control: no
Seat control: no
Maxi use level: 7 h / week.

* Designed for domestic use: for training sessions of 7 hours a week.
* 2 front transport wheels: easy to move in the house.
* Our lubricant FYTTER Xtrem ensures the best lubrication, extending the working life of the machine.
* Designed for optimum exercise biomechanics: guarantees smooth, natural movements for full muscle concentration.
* Length of slide track: 108 cm
* Flywheel : 5 KG. 16 levels of electronically controlled resistance and 13 x 6 cm Display with 13 functions.
* FCS (folding compact system, 40% space saving)

•NET WEIGHT: 32 kg.
•DIMENSIONS (FOLDED) 125x45x117cm
•POWER CONSUMPTION: current transformer of 9V 500mA (4,5W).
•COMFORT: ecological fan. As you pull, the center mounted air vent allows air to be forced through the vent and onto you, cooling you off as you work out.
•STORAGE: FCS folding compact system, 40% space saver.
•FREQUENCY OF USE: 7 hours/week
-FLYWHEEL: 5 kg.
-RESISTANCE RANGE: 12 stages of motor-assisted resistance.
-SEAT: ultra comfortable and get coated leather seat.
-STRIDE: anti-slip pedals.

•DISPLAY: 13x6 cm backlit LCD screen.

•SCREEN: 12 training programs , 4 customizable programs, recovery programs, WATT y "BodyFat".
•FUNCTIONS: 13 functions (time, distance, drives, total drives, heart rate, calories, programs, Watt, H.R.C, temperature, time, hour, user data).

* Storage: FCS (folding compact system, 40% space saving), dimensions when folded 125x45x117 cm, 2 front transport wheels.

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