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Foot Weights Adjust.
Ankle Weight. x 2 Uds. Foot Weights Adjust of 1,15 Kg.

Ideal to improve your stamina.
Theses weights are places on your ankle to tone und define the leg muscles.
Wrist weights multiplies the effort in any exercise focused on arms, tonifying and defining the targeted muscles.
These weigths have been designed to intensify the exercises and daily activities, making your muscles to work harder.
This additional weight contributes to toning up your muscles, while the added effort burn additional calories. These weights target the biceps and shoulders.
•Changeable weight for different level of training.
•Ideal for use while jogging, aerobic or toning exercises.
•Easy adjusting Velcro Straps.
•One size first most.

Article dimensions: 46x14x3 cm
Article weight: 2,200 kg
Maxi user weight: N/A

Ideal for improving stamina.
One size. 0.7 kg weight x 2 pcs. Ergonomic and comfortable.

Neoprene. Interior: metal powder
Blue 1,1 kg x 2 pcs.

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