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Windable yoga mat 183x61cm and 1,5 cm thickness.

Designed for regular fitness training on the ground at home or in a gym like body-building, or abdominal and gluteal workouts.
Fitness mat with two fastening ears, 1,5cm thick, 183cm long and 61 cm wide. Super sweat-resistant.
Whether it is for Yoga or regular workouts, the FYTTER yoga mat is perfect. You can use it anywhere. It is convenient and easy to clean.
For transport, the mecanism is simple and ideal. Once winded, the fastening is done with two handles gathered in a belt, which makes it easy to carry it on the shoulder.
The main function of the gym mat is to improve convenience and results for workouts on the floor.The mat has a textured fininshing on both sides which means that not only is it going to ensure better traction, it is also going to make you feel safer everytime you are standing directly on it. It is long enough for a complete extension of the body.
The FYTTER gym mat is essencial to do your ground-level workouts, since the extra 1,5cm thickness will make every move easier. Convenient 1,5cm thickness. Easy to clean.

Article dimensions: 183x61x1,5cm
Article weight: 1,248 kg

· 1,5 cm foam padding
· Easy to wash: Nitrile rubber (more resistant to perspiration and oils than basic rubber)
· Dimensions: 183x61cm
· Two fastening loops and a fastening belt for an easy transport on the shoulder.
· Easy storage and transport. In the Gym: Keep the mat in a vertical stance with the loops. In the house: Wind the mat et fasten it with the transport belt.
· Very perspiration resistant.

Material: NBR

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